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September 2014

Macular Degeneration

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Age-related Macular degeneration (AMD) needs a special mention, as it is the leading cause of blindness and loss of vision.

It is estimated one in seven people over the age of 50 are affected, with the incidence increasing with age.

There are two types of  Macular Degeneration: the dry form and the wet form.

The dry form leads to gradual loss of central vision, while the wet form is is a more sudden loss of vision due to abnormal blood vessels growing under the macula/fovea.

The risk increases 50% if there is a family history of AMD and 3-4 times the risk if you smoke. Symptoms include ark patches in your vision, difficulty in reading and particular distortions of straight lines. Early detection is vital as there are many new and effective treatments.

The Mystery Headache

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After the Channel 7 Today Tonight story, the response for headache issues has been remarkable. I fielded over 1000 calls and emails, which disturbed me a great deal. Generally,  medical practitioners handle these issues, but as technology has advanced, Optometrists with the correct digital technology are foremost in detecting non-standard issues in headaches.
You need a routine eye exam,vision testing, pupil responses, binocular vision assessment. We then check with a Slit Lamp for corneal/iris issues, glaucoma measurement (tensions), and in sudden onset headaches, visual fields testing.
We perform retinal photography on all our patients, the gold standard in eyecare. Most optometrists with the latest equipment are capable of giving a good diagnosis, and refer on if required to the correct specialist.
As we bulk bill, these tests are free of charge and included in our routine eye examination.